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I sew our bags for DIY kits by handOn this site, we offer many powerful workings, and price them according to our costs.  Because if we’re going to do something, we do it for maximum effectiveness, our ethics do not allow us to short change you or attempt to undersell others by doing so.  However, we do understand that not everyone can afford the highest level of offerings and supplies.  In honesty, I have to say that though some things should be done by an experienced conjurer or priest/ess and that if you truly want them, you will do what it takes to get them, other things can be done just as well by the layperson with supervision.

So before I give you instructions for wanga for which you can do the main ceremonial work and offerings yourself, I must ask that please follow the instructions carefully.  If it seems difficult, do not let it discourage you.  All of the instructions are there for a reason.

These instructions are designed for economy, with materials that one should be able to find fairly easily or at least order online inexpensively.  Their effectiveness will depend on how observant you are to the energies they’re built to draw or embody.  If you would like to order a special bag from me, a button is provided under the DIY instructions.

Remember, by default, you will begin any of this with offerings to Eshu or whoever your Gate Keeper deity is.  These also need to be consecrated both to him and to their relevant deities.

Spirit/Orisha Bags

Traditions vary as far as the receiving of bags for Orishas and other Spirits.  In Santeria or Lukumi systems, you would receive almost all of your items from your priest during ceremonies in which you receive Orishas.  In west Africa, you would have temples where you could be initiated to the cults of various Orishas.  They would teach you how to make various items at various ranks and roles.  In many areas of the diaspora though, there was not the luxury of organization, and our beliefs often had to be practiced in the strictest of stealth.

So though many will have a problem with it, you don’t need human permission to worship the Orishas or any other deity who calls on you.  You do however, need some guidance to keep from doing things that are outright disrespectful.  Also, you should at least try to find a community with leaders and guides that you can trust.

Some have learned from hard experience though, that “a person can be smart, but people are stupid”.  So finding a community may be a much more difficult task than one bargained for.  In the meantime, you need to be able to function.  Also, in my opinion and experience, it is a good idea to have your own stuff that you made, so that if things ever change, and other people get stupid, you have a working altar and supplies that are not tainted with the energy and memories of those who betrayed or failed you.  Yes, you can clean them, but you can’t wipe your brain.  For some situations, it is best not to have such distractions or bring even a hint of that energy to the moment.

To make a deity bag, you need the following:

  • a guava stick, burnt at one end for marking, or a quality pen, paint, or marker
  • a bag or square of cloth that can be fashioned into a small sack, of a color sacred to your deity, or decorated accordingly
  • an item that is sacred to your Gate Keeper
  • a feather, bone, claw, or some other remnant of an animal sacred to the deity the bag is to embody
  • a stone or other mineral that is sacred to the deity
  • about a spoonful of an herb or plant material that is sacred to the deity
  • an oil or potion sacred to your deity to “dress” your bag


  1. Pass all of your ingredients through the smoke of incense for your Gate Keeper.
  2. Mark your bag with the symbol of the Gate Keeper at the top left corner, and the deity the bag is for in the center.  If it is for the Gate Keeper (which should be the first bag you make) then just repeat the symbol or make a fancier version of it.
  3. Mindfully place each item into the bag.  To help with this, it is good to speak the name of the item and state why you’re putting it in.
  4. Add incense for the deity to the coal or fire, and then pass the open bag through the smoke.
  5. Sew, tie, or wrap and glue the bag closed.
  6. Put a few drops of oil or potion on your bag to “feed” it.
  7. Place it in an appropriate area of your altar.
  8. Thank the Spirits and the Gate Keeper for their presence.  It would also be helpful for you to make special offerings for the occasion.

You must treat this bag as a sacred item.  It embodies a deity, so keep it clean and happy, and feed it an appropriate oil, smoke, potion, or liquor at least on the deity’s sacred day of the week, and holidays.

You may note that this is an investment of time and energy that many people don’t wish to bother with.  If you don’t think you’re up to it, don’t make these kinds of items.

If you’re not so crafty, or not heavily observant, but would like to have something with the presence of a deity, we can make one for you.

Item name: Spirit Bag
Price: $70.

Specific Purpose Bags (Lucky Hands)

Mojo bags made for a specific purpose are also called gri-gri, hands, or condition bags.  There are many ways to make them, but I think RealPagan has a pretty good guide.  Rather than repeat what has already been said on the matter, I’ll just post some of my recommendations for ingredients for the novice or not extremely observant practitioner.  Also, make sure that your ceremony is sound.

  • Gate Keeper first.
  • Be mindful and attentive at every step.
  • Show gratitude and give offerings.

Attract Love

This recipe is not specific to your gender and orientation and those of the people you are trying to attract.  You will learn those when you are more advanced.  If you want some tips, visit Witch University or  If you are trying to get specific people to be attracted to you, then you need to add some personal effect of yours and theirs to the bag.

  • three roasted coffee beans, three black eyed peas, or three abrus seeds
  • a vanilla pod cut into 5 pieces
  • a small handful of cinnamon chips or a broken up stick of it
  • a piece of rose quartz or pink ruby
  • a small magnet or lodestone
  • some shavings or small pieces of iron (like 4 nails)
  • something reflective, like a small mirror, a piece of cubic zirconia, or a rhinestone with a silver backing
  • 5 cowrie shells

If you like, I can make one for you.  It can be very specific, or general, but the ingredients will be a bit more complex.

Item name: Attract Love Bag
Price: $50.

I also make others.  Feel free to contact us for details.


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Sis. Nicole T. Lasher (Sheloya) is the female king of Ile Baalat Teva, an African diaspora spirituality group in northern Israel.

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