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Shifting Priorities

Some of you who know me but not that well may be surprised that I'm now helping my parents with their website. We've all been through some changes over the years, and one of mine has been to do more than complain about Christianity. If I really want to see change in the church, I need to actually do something to support the good ones, those who are actual followers of Yeshua and attempting to serve the community in practical ways. You know, actually feeding the hungry, healing the sick, and making sure people are physically and mentally healthy as possible.

I wouldn't discriminate against a client because of their religion so long as they weren't promoting non consensual violations and hate speech, so when my parents let me know they are glad I survived some things others would condemn as "wages of sin", that was enough for me.

So if you're a follower of YHWH and Yeshua, currently calling yourself by the Roman term "Christian", and want the real good stuff, visit, and get educated on how you should really by holy rolling.

There really is no conflict between YHWH and African spirituality. In fact, They came from us. When you look at the facts and understand the truth of the whole history, your worship and practice becomes  much more effective. You just have to be willing to unpack when you learn what really is and isn't okay for a follower of Yeshua. You'll stop wasting prayer and serving false deity worrying about the wrong thing, though as with most knowledge, it might not make you happier, but you will be more powerful vehicle for the Almighty.

So why this and why now? I realized that despite our differences in the past, we are on the same team. Their calling is different, so their spiritual expression is different. It's not lesser just because it's newer or foreign. It's just not for me, but this doesn't mean I can't help them to help people. They are family, and this is what family does.

So the why now is because recently I've been rethinking many things. The internet has changed, and in the fallout, I and other topical sites have become virtually invisible, although our content has been used without our consent to "train" learning algorithms commonly called "AI".

With the help of the LMA's though, I have figured out a way to be less invisible. It is working so far, and I feel that I'm "beating them at their own game" in a way, but on the other hand, the goal of the people who own them is to make money. Despite their incompetence at times, and things they do that are counterproductive, people down here like me adapt and learn to thrive in the new environment, even if it's hostile and seems like they don't want to make money.

Learning machine algorithm use in search engines at the moment, is a bit parasitic. It scrapes content from sites but then kills the site because people don't bother visiting or supporting it when they get the information they need from the "AI" powered search. So it kills the sites it depends on for information.

So we are working to at least get some compensation for our information, but meanwhile until those court cases are done, we still have the problem. One solution is to penalize content farms that use chat bots without listing the sources for where the information came from. It won't stop them using them, but it will at least require that they give the flowers to the sources.

On HumanShared, I don't refuse to list someone who uses chatbots because that is an accessibility issue. Using LMA's to *assist* is a good thing. Plagiarizing entire articles scraping other people's content without crediting them is a bad thing. So if I see botspeak, I'd better also see some linkage.

Human curators making this call will help the internet stay human.

Right now, my priorities are around family, friends, actual supporters, spirituality, and surviving the new net. I also need an electric tricycle. So if you want to help, feel free to send a donation, buy something, or order a reading.

Blessings and Ashe!

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