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My prosperity guardians have decided that I have reached an age and situation that I must keep the principle of exchange. As spirits and forces of Nature, they have no “quid pro quo”, but as a human, I must respect the principles of reciprocity in order to grow and not become exhausted or be exploited. So here’s how this works.

If you are in a bad financial situation, skeptical about whether or not Obeah can work for you, or just need someone at a priestly level looking out for you, then use this form or email me to get added to my altar.  It is free of charge, and I don’t spam people.  This is just a service to the spiritual community.

Getting added to my altar means that your name and photo will be added to the community section of my real life altar.  If you have any specific concerns, those will be brought to the Spirits on the appropriate days of the week every week.  For example, if you, like many, are having financial problems at the moment, then every Saturday when I do offerings to Oshun, I will bring up your name and ask that she bless you with prosperity.  If you are a soldier in combat or have family that is so, or you work in a dangerous profession, then I would bring your name up on Mondays during the offerings to Eshu.

If you feel at some point you would like to donate, you are free to do so.  When you do, please tell me if there is a specific Orisha or Spirit you would like an offering made to on your behalf.

If you are unable to send a donation, then you must send me a link about your culture that I can post on or one of the network sites, or a link that I can share on Yes, you are free to send links to your business and website or social media pages. The point of these is that they are human curated interest sites and a search engine. Just make sure your site is appropriate and legal. I do not support haters or people promoting “white” supremacy.

Each link that is approved will earn you one day on my altar.

Thank you for the opportunity to increase the flow of positivity into both our lives.


Get Added
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Type the web address of the site you would like me to link to.
Send another link if you like.

Blessings and Ashe!

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About K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

Sis. Nicole T. Lasher (Sheloya) is the female king of Ile Baalat Teva, an African diaspora spirituality group in northern Israel.


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  3. I have lost so much and now willing to try this service as I have read so much good things happining from it

  4. Was trying to look for the form to be added to the prayer list for financial help but I don’t see it.

  5. Your form is not working but I am looking for a mentor in my journey into Obeah. I have written on another link as well hopefully this will get to you. Please let me know.

  6. I’d like to be added to your alter and give Eshu an offering for justice. I want To thank eshu in advance and any others who have been helping me…. i am Currently going through a divorce and a custody battle. I won Custody already but I’m hoping for supervised visits since he is a convicted felon. Im also requesting 3 years of back pay in child support as well. Where can i send This offering

    • Hello my name is Lionell I’m in the middle of 2 cases 1 state for custody of my 13yrs old daughter. Her mother and boyfriend are abusive towards her. She left Chicago and moved to Arizona. I have had 4 lawyers and spent thousands and nothing but debt. Her mother is from Ecuador and has spiritual help. The court is very racist here in Chicago. I have a federal court case vs. My former employer I have had a lawyer spent big$$$ she was a crook cutting deals. I was assaulted by a xo worker and the company and union hid the video and fired me and my witness and we are both in court with no lawyers as of yet. I was appointed a settlement lawyer but now I need a labor lawyer. Eleggua opens roads and I need help now. The company lawyers want me to sign a confidentiality order and discovery. I can’t do this on my own. I tried against the union and lost at Summary judgement. Fighting both cases has drained me in all areas of my life. I would like to leave a donation and be on the altar help list please

  7. I want to get reunited with my ex. I hurt him by betraying his confidence. He left and block me for ever speaking to him. We now live in two different states. I want him to forgive me, call me, start shooting signs of returns, & back calling & texting me. I want to appologize & for him to appologize for things he did to cause a lot of it. I want him to grow up to be the men that shows gratitude towards me. I want him to be thankful for having me in his life & helping him during his difficult times

  8. I want to be added to your alter. I get nightmares and I dont have money. I have been trying to get jobs and failed multiple times. Please help me.

  9. I would like to be added to the alter. I’m going through heartache and financial frustrations. Asking for my heart to mend and my financial situation to get better. I have two kids that depend on me and I’m soon filing for a divorce from their father. Also asking that the divorce goes well and we remain friends for the kids. Asking for true love to come into my life, someone I have no doubts about!

  10. I would like to be added up your alter..fie financial help.

  11. Vincent De-blair Anthony

    Hello my name is Vincent I have had trouble most of my life with massive depression disorder and I have never been able to keep a job save money or be in a relationship with women I am attracted to because of it. What I seem to want most in life is to be in love with a beautiful woman have children along with Abundance in wealth and health.

  12. Hello
    I’m feeling the calling to Obeah but I don’t know where to start. Their doesn’t seem to be anyone to teach me in New York City. Would you be willing to take me under your wing and guide me in the workings of Obeah.
    Please contact me at
    Thank you.

  13. Please add me to your alter ??

  14. Ms. Sheloya what is the website to ask to be added to your altar and is there a location as I would like to be in that vacinity if possible.

  15. I want to be added to the alter for eshu my name is jake charles black i lost my personal eshu im having bad luck i live in a place with alot of racist people and am a victim of the evil eye

  16. Hi, I’m sorry that I am not familiar with your teachings, but I found myself attracted to it and happened to come to your website…I’m not sure who the spirits are and what they represent…I can give a donation for your services and help…I’m not sure where to start…I’m a retired RN, am alone with no partner which is hard at my age, and I have cancer…
    Is there anything that can be done to help me please?
    Thank you!
    Kindly, Sue

    • Since this was posted in the comments, and I think others can benefit from the information, I will post the answer here. Recently I found the Obeah people in Africa, and there has been lots of information exchanged. The term for what they do is Afroscientific Spirituality. There are remedies for various types of cancer, but we use them to supplement the conventional treatments, not to replace them. You need to speak with a specialist herbalist who is a follower of Osayin/Aziza. You may contact Efe West at and he will pass the information and direct you to the right people.

      Meanwhile I am adding you to my altar for prayer. You should also do the standard anti cancer regiment for African people with the understanding that much of the time, cancers form from an immune response to inflammation that went out of control.

      It is important that you do all you can to reduce stress in your life, and eat a reasonable amount of onions and garlic, mushrooms, and bitter type greens such as collards, mangold, and kale, as medicine. Every day you should have about two servings of greens seasoned with onions, garlic, and mushrooms. This is not a cure, but it will probably help with muting some of the harsher physical reactions.

      If you are on medical marijuana and currently smoking, try switching to edibles or a vaporizer. Inhaling the smoke triggers inflammatory response. So the chemicals are helping, but there is still trauma happening from the smoke inhalation. Whether this is a trial or the ride to your final appointment, reducing inflammation triggers while promoting proper cell regeneration will make your life better. The experts will be able to give you more information for handling your specific situation.

      Please let me know how things are going. 🙂

  17. Hello I would like to be added to your altar for when you do offerings to oshun. I haven’t been able to find a job in almost a year and I need one bad.

  18. I would like to be added to your alter

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