Crystals In African and Diaspora Mysticism

Ruby Kyanite Eye Pendant This is a quick guide to the mystical properties of crystals and minerals in the context of African and Diaspora mysticism.

Though the mystical/metaphysical properties are generally the same, they may have different uses that are less generalized.  In Obeah, their psychological significance and how they act on the psyche through light play and even taste and texture are also very important.

Crystals and other minerals are used in mojo bags, dolls, bochio, and many other mystical items.  The right ingredients do make a difference, so if you’re the DIY type, it helps to know what you’re doing.

Just a warning before you read on, none of this is intended to be a substitute for medical care or consultation with a qualified mysticMisuse of these tools can cause more destruction than you bargained for, or backfire with devastating consequences.  If you are a novice or do not have experienced mentors or elders, you should also take a look at how crystals are used in aggressive magick.  If you find an artifact in a client’s residence or proximity that may be evidence of someone charming or hexing them, you need to know what you’re looking at.

Another thing I’d like to make clear because there has been some confusion: the use of crystals as a magical topic in and of itself is not a traditional west African practice. Although some traditions held some minerals and stones as sacred, and some mystical properties were attributed to them, crystal magic itself was not really a thing. It was brought in through the diaspora due to a collection of information gathered from many belief systems that included African ones, but it was not a whole topic by itself in any African tradition that I know of. If I am wrong and some student of some indigenous group of west Africans who classified and assigned more than area and local deity specific stones mystical properties and could suss out the properties of a newfound stone based on origin, formation, pattern, etc. then please post your findings and sources in the comments. We know it was a thing for some practitioners of Heka in Kemet, but we’re still talking about a limited set of specific stones like lapis, ruby, carnelian, or precious or useful metals. It wasn’t crystals as a specific thing.

As it stands though, if you see crystals being promoted as an African thing as opposed to a diaspora thing, this is inaccurate, and the person may be misinformed or scamming you. This article is about crystals as they are used now, not crystals as something done 1000+ years ago. This is innovation, not tradition. As with any innovation though this was, as it needs to be, soundness and sanity checked by traditional practitioners.

This article is just for information purposes so that you have some idea what your priest/ess or counselor is doing for you.  Also, we know that you peek in your mojo bags if we don’t seal or sew them shut.  If you’re curious about what you saw in one does, here are some answers.

This article is a work in progress, so please visit again soon for updates.  Also, if you have any comments or notes to add, feel free.  I am happy to link to contributors.

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About K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

Sis. Nicole T. Lasher (Sheloya) is the female king of Ile Baalat Teva, an African diaspora spirituality group in northern Israel.


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