Can someone cast a spell or curse someone over the phone or from a distance?

A spell, appropriate or inappropriate, that uses communication as a trigger can be transmitted through any means of communication.

For those out there saying magic doesn’t exist, there is a whole lot of science that was considered magic before people understood how it works. Hypnosis and NLP were considered magic at one time.

In the case of a curse with a communication trigger, someone could tell you a phrase or use a certain set of words in a pattern of speech that could set you on a course to self destruct or convince you to say or do things against your interests. Like a television commercial convinces you to buy something that you don’t really want or need, though it would be difficult to convince you to do things you don’t want to do consciously, they could implant a message that would exploit psychological vulnerabilities.

Another possibility is that the communication trigger is a sort of decoy, and the real source is in some other activity that they are doing. Even though it is technically possible to be set on an accursed path though a communication trigger, someone would have to be very talented or very lucky to do it successfully.

So it’s more likely that they’ve had an ally who is close to you put some objects around you or pilfer some of your personal effects.

You should go to a priest or witch you trust for cleansing and curse breaking if needed, and in the future, be more observant to your religion or spirituality. Regular cleansing, prayer, and offerings are protective…also doing acts of kindness and charity. Build as much merit as you can, and curses will even backfire if someone sends them.

If you are atheist or agnostic and think perhaps it’s more hypnosis based, you can counter this a similar way with non deity based meditation and therapy to deprogram you from any negative self talk that might make your more psychologically vulnerable…or hey, see a priest or witch anyway in case you have some lingering belief making such things effective even though you don’t believe in them. Do acts of kindness because it feels positive and counters negativity and just makes the world a better place. Cover the bases.

Update May 7, 2022 – Kevin Samuels is dead.

He was a famous image consultant who drew some fire from women when he said harsh things about the realities of dating and marriage selection. It didn’t get really dark until he started using “red pill” jargon typical of those who had sold out in Mueller Report type deals. It is known that some controversial but relatively well known male bloggers and YouTubers were approached leading up to the Trump campaign in 2015–16. We don’t know for certain if he was one of them, but his language shifted in a way that indicates he was at least applying for the position of professional jig dancer. I’m sure you can think of a few others who were giving relationship advice back then that was harsh but reasonable for awhile, but then shifted back then.

In any case, once he began to use the known psy ops, he fell under the running psychic self defense grid that technomages and spiritualists fighting “white” supremacy have ongoing. All of us who know what is going on give offerings and “vote” for the spirits to deal with such individuals as they see fit, though our desire is to see them either change or be neutralized as enemies of the people.

That alone wouldn’t do more than the usual praying for justice except that in targeting older women, intelligent women, and spiritual women in his tyrades, he alienated the people who offered him any sort of spiritual protection.

What it has to do with this specifically is that anybody who may have “cursed” him would have to have done so from a distance. He died as he lived, which was not in the company of anyone intelligent enough to say, keep him away from tainted drugs, or perform basic CPR. So he wasn’t around anyone who could have swiped a personal effect, touched him with some sacrificial oil, etc. It would all have to have been done from a distance.

Problem is that his protection also, would have come from a distance. Like energy could have countered the negative that was being lobbed at him. He simply did not have enough adept people with the juice to protect him in his sphere of influence.

Put the mysticism aside and think of it scientifically/psychologically. If someone was going to self destruct or their heart and organs would be sensitive to their mental state, and they were getting more messages to end than to continue, the consequences are obvious.

You don’t have to believe in witchcraft or magic. Biology and psychology are enough. It is a bad idea to alienate the people who could help you.

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