Giving It to Eshu: Justice Ceremony, April 2016

Sometimes we need someone to make a way out of no way.  Here are some photos of a working done by my student and friend, Arden Keren.  It is the standard Eshu working that most sorcerers who worship the Orishas do.  The details may vary, but basically, offerings are given, and one has a good honest talk with Eshu about what is going on.  Once this is done, one may make talismans, seals, or other items to reinforce the work.  It can be very emotional.

This is highlights the three whole chickens, sweets, and wine offering and ceremony.  Of course, we can’t show the whole process, but you can see the offerings.

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Once you give something to Eshu, he wastes no time in making sure that justice is done and the guilty pay for their crimes.  It’s basically an official, “I’ve had enough, and I can’t handle this with my human frailty.  Please help me.”

You may not always immediately see what Eshu is planning or doing for you, but rest assured, he will find the best way.

Mind you, this is not the same as a curse, although even those start with divination and offerings to Eshu.  The difference is that when you just give it to Eshu, you let him be creative about foiling those who’ve wronged you.  With a curse or hex, you have something specific in mind and/or need more than just foiling them.  Sometimes more is needed like protection, banishing, warriors posted, and maintenance over time.

If you would like this ceremony done on your behalf, contact Sheloya.  You can also have smaller offerings done for you if the big one is out of your budget.  We also combine offerings if there is more than one request in a week.

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About K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

Sis. Nicole T. Lasher (Sheloya) is the female king of Ile Baalat Teva, an African diaspora spirituality group in northern Israel.


  1. Do you initiate?

    • Initiation into Obeah doesn’t work like initiation to Vodun, the Lukumi, Palo Mayombe, or an egbe or ile in most African and diaspora faiths. It is not a religion, but a combination system of sorcery and both hereditary (though not consistently in every generation) and non hereditary lineage. It’s not even a secret society although it can have secret societies.

      I have not yet encountered any students online who are willing to do what it takes even to seriously study Obeah as a system. When I tell people what it would take just to start, there is always resistance at a crucial point, like the heavy academic work, animal sacrifice, the need for a balance of discretion and theater, etc.

      This is not to set myself on any kind of high horse. In Obeah, we are practical in the extreme, and I think perhaps my approach to things may be a little harsh. Some young people may have a better idea, and I’m cool with that idea. I am also happy to share some knowledge of spirituality and practical witchcraft because this benefits the community and the world. I’m just not willing to fool anyone into thinking that they are an Obeah sorcerer without their earning the title.

      I do however, have a sort of protectorate. There are some people who I take under my wing, teach them things, answer questions, and support their work. They donate what they can to show gratitude for my time, and to keep the balance in themselves. Someday, those people may be Obeah sorcerers. Some who I have helped in the past have gone on to find live mentors and are doing very well.

      My advice, if you feel called to Obeah, is to learn what you can. There is a lot to cover. When you can though, find a live mentor. There really is no substitute for this.

      Blessings and Ase!

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