Molecular Bridging in Magick

In magick and sorcery, molecular bridging is when an object is divided into parts so that there is an obvious connection between them.  This sort of bridging is commonly used in the making of nkisi or gri gri where energy from the priest/ess or a Spirit whose home in the aye is on their altar needs to flow to their patron or house member or to another area.

If the bridge needs to be stable, then a low magnetic object is used.  If there needs to be constant flow, then a conductive material such as metal is used.  If the parts of the object need to be drawn back together, a magnetic object or material is used.

Molecular bridging is very important in stubborn love spells.  If one has tried drawing a person by way of energy and spiritual persuasion, and this has not worked, the next step is molecular bridging using magnetism.  A lodestone, magnetic hematite, herbs with a magnetic energy, or magnets or charged metals that have been consecrated and stored together for a long time are divided.  One of the parts is placed in a beacon like nkisi and the other is ground to a powder.  The nkisi is buried and the powder or a suspension of it is sprinkled someplace that the person one wishes to draw is sure to touch.  Then as the materials seek their origin, the person is drawn to the patron.

When there is something going on that requires maintenance and notification through the collective conscious in case something goes wrong, a sorcerer may place a bridge in the nkisi they send to a patron.  This keeps a connection alive so that problems can be sorted before they get out of hand.  Some may even put a small amount of their hair or spray a nkisi from their mouth or a little soil from their yard in a nkisi to make this connection.  In this way, the nkisi they make or consecrate becomes an extension of themselves.

Sometimes purposeful molecular bridging is a bad idea.  There is no way for a person to completely separate themselves from something they constructed, but one may, in some cases, wish to minimize the connection.

Another example of molecular bridging is the carrying of cremains or leavings from an offering to a Spirit.  When you participate in or donate towards a ceremony, some of its energy is retained in these things, and you keep it so that its energy stays concentrated and doesn’t dissipate so quickly.  It is also physical evidence of an offering that helps you not only benefit from but align with that Spirit.

So molecular bridging is a very important concept in many flavors of magick including Obeah.

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About K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

Sis. Nicole T. Lasher (Sheloya) is the female king of Ile Baalat Teva, an African diaspora spirituality group in northern Israel.

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