Molecular Bridging in Magick

In magick and sorcery, molecular bridging is when an object is divided into parts so that there is an obvious connection between them.  This sort of bridging is commonly used in the making of nkisi or gri gri where energy from the priest/ess or a Spirit whose home in the…

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Crystals In African and Diaspora Mysticism

Ruby Kyanite Eye Pendant

This is a quick guide to the mystical properties of crystals and minerals in the context of African and Diaspora mysticism. Though the mystical/metaphysical properties are generally the same, they may have different uses that are less…generalized.  In Obeah, their psychological significance and how they act on the psyche through light…

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Get Added to My Altar

If you are in a bad financial situation, skeptical about whether or not Obeah can work for you, or just need someone at a priestly level looking out for you, then use this form to get added to my altar.  It is free of charge, and I don’t spam people. …

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What is Obeah?

Sheloya's Altar

There are many theories about the origins of Obeah, even the word itself.  There are many words in many West African languages that have “obi” or “obea” in them that are connected to mysticism.  Because many Igbo people were taken to the West Indies as slaves though, the term most…

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