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Updates Underway (Finally!)

As some of you who read my personal blog at may know, I've been going through some changes the past few years. Just as I finished my second knee replacement in February of 2020, the pandemic hit, and this of course made recovery longer and harder than it would have been anyway. Then disappointingly, as time passed it became clear that because more tissue had to be removed from the left, the imbalance may be long term or permanent. This means that I won't be having a drawing for young witches for who will inherit Qwenthryth, my dragon cane. I will be needing her with me a bit longer. Hey, it's better than the constant pain I was in before.

In January 2021, I lost my cousin Caress. I suspect it is because she went to a church that preached "Jesus" would protect them despite committing the sin of pride by refusing to wear masks or social distance. No one will tell me for certain, out of fear, but we know that we humans don't need to know. One with many names knows.

Then in October of 2021, I had some complications from oral surgery that took months to recover from. I am just recently coming fully out of that nightmare. I learned a lot from that experience though.

Now I'm back to work. If I missed anyone's messages or forgot to do a reading here and there, let me know. Remember you can always contact me through the website or at my email,

In the next few days, I will be adding more photos to the site from the past couple of years. Even though Ile Baalat Teva couldn't always gather, we continued the work and gave offerings as we could. Our youngest, Wolf, entered service for the community, and he has been doing wonderfully. Arden and I are very pleased with his progress. Some of Wolf's videos are on TikTok so we will be linking to those here too.

Blessings and Ashe!

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