Uncovering the Power of Hoodoo: An Ancestral Journey

Tank Ball explores the origins of Hoodoo, a unique and powerful form of spiritual practice deeply rooted in African American culture and the ancient ritual of ancestral worship. Religions like Vodou in Haiti, Candomblé in Brazil, and Santería in Cuba share similarities with Hoodoo, but are unique to the places where they were created. Through interviews with renowned scholar Kameelah Martin and spiritual practitioner Daa’iyah Salaam, Tank Ball traces the lineage of Hoodoo back to the era of slavery, where African spiritual beliefs intertwined with Christianity and provides an intimate glimpse into the practices and philosophies that bind generations together.

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In Ritual, Grammy-nominated musician Tank Ball journeys through the long-held rituals and traditions of the South. From the widely-shared to the deeply personal, rituals define a community’s relationship between the past and present, and their resonance in the collective regional consciousness. Subscribe to PBS Voices so you never miss an episode! @pbsvoices

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About K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

Sis. Nicole T. Lasher (Sheloya) is the female king of Ile Baalat Teva, an African diaspora spirituality group in northern Israel.

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