Why Is African Spirituality Often Practice By Poor People and in Dirty Environments?

Link to this article: https://obeahwoman.com/me8rT

In this Video,I talked about the reasons why African Spirituality is mostly practiced by poor people and in dirty environments and what we must do to change it.

Efe West confronts a big problem with the African and diaspora spiritual community in some places: the regressive dogmatism and lack of care and maintenance of some traditionalists. Before colonization, African spirituality was taken seriously, shrines were cleaned and well maintained, and it was well funded and one wouldn’t think of having trash or old leftover offerings laying around.

So on the one hand, cleaning up our practice is progressive, and on the other it is more traditional than much of what is called traditional. This is why it’s important to know the history. If someone doesn’t know the history, they won’t know how their “tradition” has been negatively impacted by colonialism and internalized racism.

Link to this article: https://obeahwoman.com/me8rT

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