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Oya’s Skirt Eggplant

Oya's Skirt Eggplant


Oya’s skirt eggplant is tasty dish that is given as an offering and served during gatherings in honor of the Goddess of Storms and Change. The eggplant is partially sliced to resemble a skirt, then fried a bit and onions, peppers, spices, herbs, cooked beans, and tomato sauce are added, and it all simmers until the eggplant is soft and can be maneuvered into a curved shape resembling the arms of a hurricane.

Noodles can be added to the sauce, or it can be arranged atop a swirl of spaghetti or other long pasta. Closest to the original would be vermicelli or “angel hair” pasta. Mind you, “original” in this case, doesn’t mean west African. The starchy ingredients found in west Africa don’t have gluten, so there wasn’t much noodle making going on. The closest would be a sliced up flatbread. So we think this addition came from Ethiopians or Eritreans.

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