Consecrations August 14, 2012

Eshu has opened the gate for some new workings.  One of them involves more Oya/change energy than normal, so dancing was necessary.  I ended up very deep in trance from this, and when it subsided, it was 0500 in the morning.

For these workings, I must make a natural Oshun cosmetics kit, a Vodun starter set, and the usual minkisi.

Later today, I will be going to the sea to give offerings to Yemaya, and Friday, I will be giving offerings to Oba and Shango.  Saturday, I will go to a fountain for Oshun.

Those of you out there who are learning the Vodun belief system and Obeah sorcery should remember that every ceremony or working should begin with asking Eshu to open the gate for it.  There are no exceptions.

Blessings and Ase!

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About K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

Sis. Nicole T. Lasher (Sheloya) is the female king of Ile Baalat Teva, an African diaspora spirituality group in northern Israel.

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