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Love Attraction Ceremony “Amarre”

  • July 25, 2011 6:27 am

Fire of LoveScroll down to read more about love spells.

Bring My Soulmate price: $300

This is an offering to Eshu, Oshun, and Shango to bring your soulmate.  You receive a nkisi box set, an attraction talisman, and a protection “seed” amulet for when you live together.

Make Him/Her Love Me price: $700

To make a specific person love you, we give offerings to Eshu and Oshun and Orunmila if needed.  You receive a nkisi box set, a protection seed amulet, Oshun or Shango oil, and stay-put shoe powder.

Break My Obsession price: $100

Cures you of an unrequited love.  You receive an amulet and Forget oil to cleanse your thoughts of them.

Break His/Her Obsession price: $300

This makes someone forget about you.  You receive a special invisibility charm that makes the person not see or notice you and keeps them from thinking of you.

Bring Back My Husband/Wife (Gentle) price: $300

If your legal or spiritual spouse has broken up with you recently and you want them back and you have not had relations with anyone else or did not do anything bad to them, this will get them to return.  Be advised that technically, they can still resist, but this is unlikely.  You will receive a nkisi box set with a binding scroll and 10 ml. of either Oshun, Qetesh, Lara or Apademak oil.

Bring Back My Husband/Wife (Hard) price: $700

If you did something wrong to them but you’re sorry, or you have had relations with others since the breakup, or if they have run off with another person (committment, not just sex) then you need a bit harder working.  You will receive a nkisi box set with a binding scroll, a home securing seed amulet, marital bed blessing powder, and stay-put shoe powder.

I am happy to serve the GLBT community.  It doesn’t matter to me what gender you are or the gender of the person you desire.  All loving people deserve love.

Love Spells

My love spells are done with the utmost respect to the Spirits and both traditional and scientific principles in mind.  The success rate is pretty good, but you should be advised that you may not always get exactly what you want.  Love is such a deep and important issue that the Orishas and other Spirits are very careful not to do or cause undue harm.  When a person seeks their aid in matters of the heart, they will do what is best for their heart, which may or may not be what is best for their ego or their momentary desires.

If it is a matter of someone being wrong for you, they will work for your good and not the other person’s because you are the one who has respect for the Spirits.

So somehow, you will get what you need regardless of what you want at the moment.  When you call the Spirits to help and give proper offerings, something WILL move.  In that, my success rate is 100%.

In these matters, I am doing divination every step of the way.  When the Spirits give specific instructions, you must be sure to follow them exactly.  Even if they don’t seem to make sense or seem small like “wear a yellow shirt on Tuesday”, you must do as they say because they can see things we humans can’t.