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Ceremony to Bless a Business

  • July 23, 2011 11:49 pm

Aje Shaluga Section of my AltarIf you are starting a business, or want to bless your existing business, we can do a ceremony on your behalf.  The main Orishas we give offerings to for this work are Eshu (Elegua), Aje Shaluga, and Oshun. 

Eshu is the Orisha who keeps the gate between the physical and spiritual realms, and also determines what sort of luck people will have.  Staying on his good side brings good fortune.

Oshun is the Orisha of beauty, joy, and prosperity.  She is also the Queen of the Market.  It is worthless to have money if you don’t also have overall prosperity and happiness.  Being on good terms with Oshun means that you will have joy in your life.

Aje Shaluga is the Orisha who owns all money and currency in the world.  He is a husband of Oshun and very close to her.

Description of the Service

  • On Monday, we give an offering for Eshu to open the gate.
  • On the following Thursday or Saturday, we do an ebo (offering and feast) for Aje Shaluga and Oshun.
  • During the week, we make a special nkisi for you to keep in a safe place in your business, and an Eshu mask or bochio to hang or store near the doorway.

Price Range

The price of the full ceremony with ebo is $2000 U.S.  During the month of August though, we usually have a community ebo.  If you can’t afford the normal price, you can send what you can afford to in order to chip in to the community ceremony.  If you don’t think you need the full force of an ebo, and just want general blessings for your business, we have ouanga bags to attract business success.

Do it Yourself Business Success Ouanga Bag Kit $100 

Ouanga bag kit with hand sewn bag, ingredients, anointing oil and instructions on how to load and consecrate it.

Attract Business Success Ouanga Bag $200

A business blessing pouch nkisi with a box and a packet of our special money blessing spray mix.  This ceremony may be combined with others who have requested the same within that week.

Attract Business Success Individual Ceremony $700

A ceremony specifically for your business.  This choice is best for businesses with special additional needs such as bail bondsmen or security services for which you’d need protection from physical harm, or fashion or entertainment businesses that need protection from evil eye.  You receive a ouanga bag tailored to your special needs, money blessing spray mix, and a silver amulet for the owner or main manager.

Business Success Full Ebo $2000

A business blessing ebo with full offerings to Eshu, Aje Shaluga, and Oshun.  You receive the ouanga, spray mix, silver amulet, and whatever other gifts and talismans the guests bring for your success and prosperity.

Donate to the August Community Ebo for Oshun for Business Success $10

Donate what you can afford to the community ebo for Oshun in August.  You can multiply to reach whatever amount you can manage in the shopping cart or checkout.  You will receive at least a small ouanga made from some of the cremains of the offerings.