Gate Opening July 3, 2012


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For accountability and educational purposes, I take photos of the parts of the ceremonial work that I do, when it is permitted.  These are the photos of some moments of this week’s gate opening. Opening the gate with Eshu must be done at the beginning of any rootwork or spell.

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Molecular Bridging in Magick

In magick and sorcery, molecular bridging is when an object is divided into parts so that there is an obvious connection between them.  This sort of bridging is commonly used in the making of nkisi or gri gri where energy from the priest/ess or a Spirit whose home in the…

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Crystals In African and Diaspora Mysticism

Ruby Kyanite Eye Pendant

This is a quick guide to the mystical properties of crystals and minerals in the context of African and Diaspora mysticism. Though the mystical/metaphysical properties are generally the same, they may have different uses that are less generalized.  In Obeah, their psychological significance and how they act on the psyche through…

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