Order a Ceremony or Root Work

Pouring LibationsWe always consult the Spirits first for root work and ceremonies, so your first step is to order a reading.  You may choose either a bone reading (with my Hoodoo Bones system using tiles, bones, stones, shells and other artifacts) or a tarot reading.

Bone Reading price: $50

Tarot Reading price: $30

Love Reading price: $5

Dream Interpretation and Analysis price: $15

Most people choose the tarot reading because it is easier to understand, but if your situation is somewhat complicated, you should opt for the bone reading.  I make a video of your reading so that you can see it being done and then see what I am seeing on the tray.  Videos are uploaded to YouTube unlisted so the only person who can see it is you and whoever you share the link with.  Videos stay up for 30 days after they are posted, so you have time to watch them repeatedly if you like.

Love readings are to find out whether or not you and your partner or prospect are compatible according to Eshu, the Ancestors, and Oshun.  It is a combination of coins and cowries that give a clear answer as to what your relationship’s potential is, and if you are considering it, whether or not spellwork or offerings would help the situation.

In the case that direct, specific spellwork is warranted, I will give you the price according to the supplies and energy required.  In many, if not most situations though, smaller maintenance offerings are best, especially if a situation will take some time to resolve.  You can return to this page to have the offerings made on your behalf.  Don’t forget to tell me which Orishas or deities they need to go to.

Small Orisha Offering price: $10

A small offering of incense and food is given on your behalf to the Orisha or other deity of your choice.  Multiple offerings given in a week’s time are often combined to make a larger one.  These are given during the normal daily observances that I and members of my ile do.  Generally, if you have an ongoing situation, you should send something once a month or so.  If you want to send more than $10, just raise the number of this item in your cart.

Festival and Ebbo Donations

At various times of the year, our ile has festivals, gatherings, and special ebbos for specific Orishas or categories.  When these are going to happen, they are announced in the blog here with a donation link.  So if, for instance, you have a situation that needs opportunities, hearts, or doors to open, you can send a donation for the big ebbo we have for Eshu every June.  The normal schedule usually runs something like this:

January 1, Eshu

March 25, Oshun

June 6, Eshu

August and September, Oshun, Shango

Early October, Ogun

Early to Mid October, Oya, Ancestors, Yewa

December, Yemaya

As our ile grows and stabilizes, we will likely have more events.  So please visit often so that you know what we’re up to, and tell us how we can help you.




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  1. Please advise on what is the very best thing to do in terms of spells, offerings etc in my situation i.e. trying to get my partner’s love back. My partner and I have been together for over thirty years, and have adult children together. We also have a grandchild. In January 2017, he moved out of our bedroom. This situation has broken my heart, and breaks it a little more every day. For the first few months of 2017, he did not speak to me at all, as in completely blanking me. We still live in the same house but quite separately. I need your help with this situation. I don’t want to start a new relationship with anyone else. I just want him back, and to behave in a loving kind way towards me. I want my loving kind partner back, and for the cruel mean spirited, bordering on evil person who’s appeared in his place to disappear.

  2. Hello , I was wondering if you can help me with a love spell ? Do you have a person email to where you can be contacted? I would like to share my story with you

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