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  2. Hi please can you take note of my email and email me

  3. Do you do Obeah initiations personally?

    • Hello Sydnee 🙂

      Online or offline, I can take someone under my protection as a student or acolyte. We don’t call this “initiation” because that word has been overused and does not mean what many people would take it to mean. A person studies Obeah all their lives. One never stops studying. Even when one’s teacher and mentor dies, one still studies both their science and spirituality and sorcery.

      In a sense, you are “initiated” once someone takes you under their protection. It’s similar to Buddhism when someone takes refuge in the Sangha. You will probably be instructed though, never to use that word, at least until some years after you have begun your studies. Then you can say that you have been initiated to the study of sorcery under whoever your teacher is, but by then it is not something you would probably want to reveal until you are at least 20-30 years in because as soon as you come out, you will be attacked. If you can’t withstand attacks from high level sorcerers who don’t want the world’s African community awakened, then keep your mouth shut until you are ready for the battle. I know that sounds harsh, but you’ll understand when you begin to see what is really going on.

      Receiving the Obia is something else and can only be done in person…that I know of. Someone out there may be able to do this miraculous thing online, but I have never been given that authority, and I don’t know of anyone who has. To give someone the Obia, the bit of it that is in someone has to want to be shared to a particular person. It is not something to ask for or seek out. They go where they want, and that’s it.

      Thank you for your question. Blessings and Ashe! 🙂

  4. Hello, how can I contact you privately? I can’t seem to find your email on the site.

  5. Hello!
    Are you a psychic, so could you make a reading from what you can feel for a situation and a person please?
    And what is your strongest type of magic that you can cast? Thank you!

  6. Hi Sheloya, How are you? Are you still taking people under your wing and teaching them. I have been practicing ifa since I was a child my grandfather was a priest. I now am looking to broaden my spiritual path but, other then my offerings and prayers , I wouldn’t know where to start. I mean I have some idea but I would never want to anger them. I really want to learn and be as devote as I am with ifa.

  7. I would like to be added to alter. Very bad financial problems and no help. Also unlucky in love.

  8. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. It has been truly helpful and I’m glad I came across it as I continue my journey. Peace and many blessings to you!

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