Free Fast Money Paper Charm

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Print this paper charm, and follow the directions on it.  You can use this more than once.

Money Blessing Paper Charm

Click to view full size, then right click, save, and print.

It works even better with Fast Money Oil and the associated spells.  After you’ve passed offerings through it 5 times, you should retire it for use as a wrapper for money drawing herbs in a ouanga, or dispose of it by burial in a pretty place with yellow flowers.

This is a charm that was revealed to me in trance by a family Guardian, and I am permitted to share it with a warning.  I was made aware that it was being misused when the page it was formerly posted on disappeared for no explainable reason.  If you use it or any derivative of it by printing or by hand copying or tracing, and it works for you, then you should give a donation of thanks when you can afford to.

This gift is only for people who have gratitude for the blessings they receive.  When you use a charm, it has a part of the spirits and deities it calls, and they do not like to be disrespected.  Great misfortune will befall the ungrateful.

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Link to this article:

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