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Work Offering for Ogun 2016-02

An offering of work.


This is an offering to Ogun for which I had to build an incense burner out of a metal reused/recycled item. Sometimes the deities require more than some incense or food. They want us to do works that glorify them to bring their energy into the physical realm in order to receive their blessings or remain mindful of and grateful for them. I was certainly thankful to Ogun for the manual dexterity to make this without bleeding. 🙂

By the way, one should never give their blood to Ogun. I am told that children of Ogun (people whose head Orisha is Ogun) and certain people initiated to the cult of Ogun in west Africa sometimes bleed in the course of their work, or offer blood to Ogun under very strict circumstances. I don’t know if the latter is true. So as a general rule, be very careful when giving offerings to Ogun. Try not to bleed. Women should also avoid direct service to Ogun when they are menstruating.

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