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Altar working

Altar working

If you are in a bad financial situation, skeptical about whether or not Obeah can work for you, or just need someone at a priestly level looking out for you, then use this form to get added to my altar.  It is free of charge, and I don’t spam people.  This is just a service to the spiritual community.

Getting added to my altar means that your name and photo will be added to the community section of my real life altar.  If you have any specific concerns, those will be brought to the Spirits on the appropriate days of the week every week.  For example, if you, like many, are having financial problems at the moment, then every Saturday when I do offerings to Oshun, I will bring up your name and ask that she bless you with prosperity.  If you are a soldier in combat or have family that is so, or you work in a dangerous profession, then I would bring your name up on Mondays during the offerings to Eshu.

If you feel at some point you would like to donate, you are free to do so.  When you do, please tell me if there is a specific Orisha or Spirit you would like an offering made to on your behalf.  If you do, you will be sent a nkisi pendant made partly from the ashes or remnants of your offering.

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  3. I have lost so much and now willing to try this service as I have read so much good things happining from it

  4. Was trying to look for the form to be added to the prayer list for financial help but I don’t see it.

  5. Your form is not working but I am looking for a mentor in my journey into Obeah. I have written on another link as well hopefully this will get to you. Please let me know.

  6. I’d like to be added to your alter and give Eshu an offering for justice. I want To thank eshu in advance and any others who have been helping me…. i am Currently going through a divorce and a custody battle. I won Custody already but I’m hoping for supervised visits since he is a convicted felon. Im also requesting 3 years of back pay in child support as well. Where can i send This offering

  7. I want to get reunited with my ex. I hurt him by betraying his confidence. He left and block me for ever speaking to him. We now live in two different states. I want him to forgive me, call me, start shooting signs of returns, & back calling & texting me. I want to appologize & for him to appologize for things he did to cause a lot of it. I want him to grow up to be the men that shows gratitude towards me. I want him to be thankful for having me in his life & helping him during his difficult times

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